Toplines Security Systems

Toplines Security Systems​
FEB 2022
Branding, Logo Design, Web Design

Topline Systems is a company specializing in security solutions. Dror, the CEO and owner of the company, had turn to me asking to rebrand the company. The process included new color scheme, new logo design and redesigning the website.

In addition, we refreshed the visibility of the company’s Facebook page, stickers that the company uses, and even a new Ad for a professional newspaper.

We started by characterizing the target audience: security officers, parking lot managers, house inspectors and managers of industrial buildings.

The colors that were chosen are blue and green which goes well with the company values.

Dark blue represents professionalism, confidence and formality and conveys maturity and reliability and green represents stability, prosperity and growth.

At the top of each page I chose to display a full-width video that relates to the content of the page. The logo is an interpretation for a camera lens, the company’s main business.

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